Sunday, October 4, 2009

the worse day....

hmmmmm feeling no mood today. why??? becoz i'm need to study and finish my assignments. Tomorrow i have 1 midterm and i need to submit 2 assigns. then , day after tomorrow is due date to submit our reserch paper and we have not done yet.

OMG! pls help me. give me some spirit to me settle down all the task that already stated in my mind since 2 last week. i'm gonna be crazy!!!! there is a lot of notes that i'm need to read and i'm just done around 40 %.

and what make me more crazy... that am need to study at sunday evening, in month of shawal and at the same time today is open house at my HOUSEeee and i cant go .....and most of my frenz hang out attend their open house invitaton. huhuhuhuhuhu

feeling no mood today........ ;(

my mind just thinking about "OPEN HOUSE" n "JUSCO"

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