Monday, November 16, 2009

my family's pics...

Assalamualaikum….. I have one more paper to go. After that... yeaaaa my independence day. Gegegegegegge But I have no mood to read any note. So tomorrow, hantam sajalah. Kasi goreng biar hangit. Hahahhahaa. So with all the free time that I have (in fact… I have not), just want to share some of the family’s pics with u all. Like it or not…. Just go through. heheeheehhe

last year aidilfitri. everyone pretend not focus to the camera including our bibik. hahahhaahaha good actress

me during my "ancient" time. geggegegegege. kak beez's wedding. how weird the way i'm smile. actually the others gals and boys are my cousin. all of them now are the doctor and doctor will be. hmmmm what i'm going to be? i think ..... actress.... yesssss absolutely the correct answer. kikikikikikik

faiz, abah, mak and kak mai. the only one daughter in law that my parent have....

this pic is during kak mem and faiz's wedding. look at me!!! how young i am. sweet 15th tuuuuuuuuuuuu.... hehehehhe

my big family.... i love u all guys....

thanks a lot to both of you. my heroes (only at that day) kekekkekeke. after hari raya praying... something problem with the tyre. and this two my bro in laws act as the heroes malaya help me settle down the prob. ( tak sio2 akak akak eden kawen ngan korang berduo) hehehehehe jgn marah haaaaa.

serious session in the early days of aidilfitri. "the way how to wear 'sampin'. this session was monitored by the headmaster mrs.OPAH.

daughters of Mr. and Mrs. Hashim

1 girl for 1 family. umaira ( faiz's daughter) ,aufa ( k.beez's daughter) and tasneem ( kak mem's daughter)

men in our house
kak mem, adiya, abah and kia (hehehhehehe)

Sunday, November 15, 2009

I'm Always Hurt The One I'm Love

You always hurt the one you love
The one you shouldn't hurt at all
You always take the sweetest rose
And crush it till the petals fall
You always break the kindest heart
With a hasty word you can't recall
So If I broke your heart last night
It's because I love you most of all.


i have 2 more paper to go. dont have time to write in my blog. chaiyok na chaiyok. chaiyok kajol chaiyok. hahahahaha. I'M CRAZY!

Friday, November 6, 2009


Sometimes it’s difficult for us to understand about our own heart. It’s difficult for us to make it satisfied. It’s difficult for us to know the deep meaning in our heart. Why it’s happen? Our heart is in our body. Very near to us. We and our heart are one. But we still can’t understand it clearly.

When we talk about heart…. It makes me feel something. I don’t know how to mention it. There is no exact word that I can use to explain about it now. Hmmm something wrong with me.

If someone asks me “what do you feel now?” I’m speechless. I can’t tell it but I know how it feels. And frankly speaking, currently I’m quite confused with my own feeling. Yes! I’m confused with what have in my own heart. Omg! Help me. Why I can’t understand it?

I know, many of you will join me got confused with what I’m trying to say. But it is reality. Sometime, we know very well about something but we can’t say anything. It’s hurt me but in the same time am feel happy. Thanks God to give me this type of feeling. Difficult to understand but easy to make us know that we have someone that we love very much. Its will be a lover, a family member, a friend, a teacher and it could be anyone. Love is universal and remembers… the ultimate love is only for Allah.

And now let me make a declaration. I MISS HER. Miss her with all of my heart. Who is she…. Let it be a secret and I will keep it in the most conducive place in my HEART!

Monday, November 2, 2009

I. K. E. A

Asslamualaikum…. Just like to begin my story with the great wish. Today is my happiest day. Why? I’m finished all the task for this sem. I mean am already submitting all the assignment and other work that I’m need to do before ready for the final examination.

Oh ya… actually yesterday, because have nothing to do I and my friends decides to release our tension by doing something. Or in the other word: “enjoy2”. So at first we are planning to watch the movie but later we went to the ikea. Why ikea? Just want to “cuci mata” hahahahaha.

What a funny is, others people go there for shopping but not for us. Ya ya ya ya … students have no money. hehehehehhee. So what are the real intentions by going there? Hmmm let me tell the secret. Actually all of us are having nice time, take many pictures and we are really enjoying it. Hahahahaa. So…. Check it out…!!!!

tim , me and deq som.

how romantic!!!! hahahahahahaha

look at this girl... she's crazy. make ikea blanket like her own.

what's that on me.... sheepskin... very soft....

deq som, me , tim and mira. but who's behind us???? hahhahaaha

everone is focuss on tv except me.....

tea time.......

welcome to our kitchen

1 2 3 smile............