Monday, November 16, 2009

my family's pics...

Assalamualaikum….. I have one more paper to go. After that... yeaaaa my independence day. Gegegegegegge But I have no mood to read any note. So tomorrow, hantam sajalah. Kasi goreng biar hangit. Hahahhahaa. So with all the free time that I have (in fact… I have not), just want to share some of the family’s pics with u all. Like it or not…. Just go through. heheeheehhe

last year aidilfitri. everyone pretend not focus to the camera including our bibik. hahahhaahaha good actress

me during my "ancient" time. geggegegegege. kak beez's wedding. how weird the way i'm smile. actually the others gals and boys are my cousin. all of them now are the doctor and doctor will be. hmmmm what i'm going to be? i think ..... actress.... yesssss absolutely the correct answer. kikikikikikik

faiz, abah, mak and kak mai. the only one daughter in law that my parent have....

this pic is during kak mem and faiz's wedding. look at me!!! how young i am. sweet 15th tuuuuuuuuuuuu.... hehehehhe

my big family.... i love u all guys....

thanks a lot to both of you. my heroes (only at that day) kekekkekeke. after hari raya praying... something problem with the tyre. and this two my bro in laws act as the heroes malaya help me settle down the prob. ( tak sio2 akak akak eden kawen ngan korang berduo) hehehehehe jgn marah haaaaa.

serious session in the early days of aidilfitri. "the way how to wear 'sampin'. this session was monitored by the headmaster mrs.OPAH.

daughters of Mr. and Mrs. Hashim

1 girl for 1 family. umaira ( faiz's daughter) ,aufa ( k.beez's daughter) and tasneem ( kak mem's daughter)

men in our house
kak mem, adiya, abah and kia (hehehhehehe)

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