Monday, November 2, 2009

I. K. E. A

Asslamualaikum…. Just like to begin my story with the great wish. Today is my happiest day. Why? I’m finished all the task for this sem. I mean am already submitting all the assignment and other work that I’m need to do before ready for the final examination.

Oh ya… actually yesterday, because have nothing to do I and my friends decides to release our tension by doing something. Or in the other word: “enjoy2”. So at first we are planning to watch the movie but later we went to the ikea. Why ikea? Just want to “cuci mata” hahahahaha.

What a funny is, others people go there for shopping but not for us. Ya ya ya ya … students have no money. hehehehehhee. So what are the real intentions by going there? Hmmm let me tell the secret. Actually all of us are having nice time, take many pictures and we are really enjoying it. Hahahahaa. So…. Check it out…!!!!

tim , me and deq som.

how romantic!!!! hahahahahahaha

look at this girl... she's crazy. make ikea blanket like her own.

what's that on me.... sheepskin... very soft....

deq som, me , tim and mira. but who's behind us???? hahhahaaha

everone is focuss on tv except me.....

tea time.......

welcome to our kitchen

1 2 3 smile............

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