Saturday, October 24, 2009

pictures around convocation fiesta

Ups, sorry. I forgot to post the pictures during convocation fiesta at IIUM last two weeks. So, check it out…..

we are having serious discussion how to decorate our stage

we love orange.... hahhahaha ( but its look like yellow.. whatever!)

amy pheewiiittt.... very powerful entertainer

dynamic performance.... iium band. i like the singer "FAKHRI. " he's cool...

thank you very much "A" because give me very beautiful flower. i'll keep it forever!

"DIGI people" hahahahahahhaaha

Friday, October 23, 2009

open house again and again????? hahahahaha

I love open house. Hehehehehhe. And this is another open house. Ups… let me make a correction. This is not open house but “open class” .hehehehe. hmmmm actually this party is organized by our class but all the payment are paid by our lovely lecturer SIR JOHANNI SALLEH. Thanks sir. We all love u very much…. Muah muah!!!

a father with 12 children... hehehehehe
( this is our lovely sir: johanni salleh)

special performance from me... hahahahahahahahaaha :)

our delicious food... yummy yummy...

everyone say .... PEACE!!!!

half of the heroins in our class.. " we all love u sir"

half of the heroes in our class.... (uweks hahahahaha)

open house again?????

Last weeks, am very busy with the assignment. And because of that, I don’t have time to upgrade my blog. Actually I have many stories to share together. So I compile it in my mind and will publish to all of u now. Hehehehhee.

The day after I went to sacide’s house, we have another open house. My roommate, mira invite us go to her house. She said, her mom want to cook special nasi ayam for us. Hmmmmm yummy2. Even the rice is finished … but we still can taste the chicken. And as u all know... I like chicken very much. Thanks aunty rosnah and uncle zulkafli for the happening open house. Pls invite us again next year. Hehheehhe..

thanks mira ( the girl in black)

before eat... thats why am look serius. HUNGRY!!! hahhahaha

my happy face coz i can eat chicken.. hehehhehehe

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

at sacide's house....

who's behind the veil...????? hahahahaha

ready to eat.... 1 2 3 ammmmmm...

what a delicious foods....... thanks anne

with our lovely 'anne' (sacide's mom)

Monday, October 19, 2009


from left: elly, rahime, me, sacide, saliha, niey, anne and mira.

marvellous.... yummy yummy...

yesterday , i and my friends( mira, deq som, elly and niey) went to sacide's house. sacide is my classmate, my bestfrenz, my crazy frenz (actually both of us are crazy. hehehehehe).she is from turkey. she and her sister ( saliha) study at uia. she take same course and specialized in electronic media same like me. and next sem we are planning to take video production together.

we arrived at sacide's house around 3pm. when we come in to her house... wow!!!!! a lot of foods. her mom (anne) cooked all turkish foods for us and spaghetty cooked by sacide is really delicious. yummy2. i like very much the bread and yogurt and i'm feel want to eat it now. hehehehhe.

sacide's family is very nice. her mom very sporting. saliha also entertain us with her "mouth". hehehehhee. very funny girls. funny lawyer . rahime so sweet ad cute but poor to ameen (sacide's bro), he can't joint us. it is female's day.hehehehe.
after having our lunch ( i did'nt eat anything in the morning, so i'm eat a lot during lunch time), sacide and saliha teach us 'turkish dancing'. its simple but really interesting. i'm also joined them dancing together . hehhehehehe quite shy but atleast am try. kekekkekee

what make me more surprised, when sacide and saliha danced the indian dancing. wow!!! fantastic. both of them are good dancers. i like their step very much. hey girls... thanks for the dancing. thanks for the turkish tea, turkish coffee and anne thanks for the everything that u have prepared for us. u are great mom!!!

sacide, saliha,rahime and 'anne' , thanks again. i'll never forget this experience. this is the best moment and i'm so happy to spend time with all of u . eventhough we are not come from the same race, same country but for me .....we are like family. HAPPY FAMILY!!!

Friday, October 16, 2009


The convocation fiesta already comes to the end. Now I’m back to my old life. And start from yesterday, I went to the class, doing assignment, see the lecturer and my classmate. And I’m happy for doing those things.

Last night, I can’t sleep early. I want to study, but I don’t have mood. So I was decided to watch Hindi movie. But I can’t focus. What happened to me? Is that means my centre of cerebellum or cerebrum is damage? Hahahahahhaa. Whatever!

Actually nothing more to say, but I would like to share one story. It’s not a fairytale story but real story about 2 kids. 1 little boy and 1 little girl. Last week, I went to duoprinting shop to settle down about our stabaz’s nametag. And I saw the 2 kids play together. But suddenly the girl became aggressive and started fight with the boy. The boy became angry and pulled her hair. That little girl started to cry and chased the boy. The little boy went away with his sour face and not looked back to the girl. At that time I’m just smile.

Later, at the evening I went to the duoprinting shop again. And what a surprise, I saw the two kids again and both of them are playing together with lot of laugh. And what make me more shocked; the boy helped the girl to comb her hair. If in the morning the boy pull the girl’s hair and now he combs her hair. What a sweet moment. And that time I’m really respect to them. Even though they are fight in the morning, but they become friends in the evening. And for me this is what we called a FRIENDSHIP!!!
It never ends.

And every one of us also can’t avoid from involved in a friendship. Some people say that friendship is like hand and eye. When a hand got injured, the eye will cry. And when the eye cries, the hand will wipe the tear.

And I’m so happy and proud with the friends that I have. Friends since my kindergarten at Pasti al-Hidayah ( najihah, shila, wazir and etc) , my primary school ( erny, hidayah, nazifah, dalila, munirah, elliya n etc) my secondary school ( shah, sham, ct, ita n etc) , all the sri ilmu’s frenzs until iium. And I know from day today my ‘collections’ of friends will increase and I hope all of them will be remain stay with me forever!!!


Sunday, October 11, 2009

convocation day.... i'm tired

congratulation for all the ex- iium students who graduate this year. hmmmm what a happy moment that u have. after 4 years you all struggle in this university... and now the time that u will celebrate it. congratulation again.!!!! my time will b coming... hehehehehehe. inshaallah with 1st class. : )

actually this year i joined etreprenuership club and become comittee members for stabaz (stall n bazaar) 09. and my biro (special task) start busy one month before this ceremony. overall i'm enjoyed with this task but 'quite litle bit tired. ' uhuk uhuk uhuk. kekekekekekekkee

haaaaa.. tonite amy search 'pheewiit' will coming. and i guesss the 'port' around our stage will be crowded. everyone eager to see 'amy search'. what a special thing abut him haaa.???? maybe his voice. whateverlaaaa... i think my voice is better. kekekekekekeke

my previous classmate shamila mat hassan also want to come tonite and siti fordaus hadip already 2 nites sleeps with me at my hostels. so happy to meet them again and frankly speaking i cant "iron out" all the memory at MADI from my mind. what a wonderful school!!!! wonderful teachers and wonderful students!!!!! hahahahhahaa. mis u all guys!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

the worse day....

hmmmmm feeling no mood today. why??? becoz i'm need to study and finish my assignments. Tomorrow i have 1 midterm and i need to submit 2 assigns. then , day after tomorrow is due date to submit our reserch paper and we have not done yet.

OMG! pls help me. give me some spirit to me settle down all the task that already stated in my mind since 2 last week. i'm gonna be crazy!!!! there is a lot of notes that i'm need to read and i'm just done around 40 %.

and what make me more crazy... that am need to study at sunday evening, in month of shawal and at the same time today is open house at my HOUSEeee and i cant go .....and most of my frenz hang out attend their open house invitaton. huhuhuhuhuhu

feeling no mood today........ ;(

my mind just thinking about "OPEN HOUSE" n "JUSCO"

Saturday, October 3, 2009

unacceptable rumours....

after having a tired day last nite, i woke up at 12pm today. the 1st thing that i did is checked my pink phone. i've got miss col from adiya at hmmm early morning. my mind start guessing... y did she coll me at 7 am? is there anything wrong happen. i'm took decision to call her and as i guessing before " she's called me coz something important"

'' My dad dead" oh my god. i'm so shocked. my heart bit fast. but later its become normal after adiya said that its rumours. all of this happen becoz of" mak ngah shadah". she's got wrong information.

alhamdulilah...but frankly speaking... i dont like this type of rumours. and this is not the 1st time this type of rumours happen and i hope it will be never happen again. i hate it. May allah bless my dad and give a long live for him. i love him very much. and i know... all people love him too.

and warning for mak ngah shadah..." PLs stop this rumours!!!!!"

Thursday, October 1, 2009

ngan kema and bro Mc D

kat titiwangsa

ngan mummy tersayang. Siti Sarah. hahahahahhaa

ari convocation day adiya kat UKM

kenangan manis di sebuah rumah buruk.......

4 jejaka macho......

bekas xmadi (1st generation)

hari graduation day xmadi yg sambung blaja kat KUIS

Menyambut birthday " seseorang" (kat bkt air)

with my best friends

kat KLIA masa antar zah ngan Nab nak g mesir