Friday, October 23, 2009

open house again and again????? hahahahaha

I love open house. Hehehehehhe. And this is another open house. Ups… let me make a correction. This is not open house but “open class” .hehehehe. hmmmm actually this party is organized by our class but all the payment are paid by our lovely lecturer SIR JOHANNI SALLEH. Thanks sir. We all love u very much…. Muah muah!!!

a father with 12 children... hehehehehe
( this is our lovely sir: johanni salleh)

special performance from me... hahahahahahahahaaha :)

our delicious food... yummy yummy...

everyone say .... PEACE!!!!

half of the heroins in our class.. " we all love u sir"

half of the heroes in our class.... (uweks hahahahaha)

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miss_eliana said...

cepatnye update.. nk update xsempat..
nk cite psl tgk papedom pon xnyempat lagi..hukhuk..
cian hencek blog saya..hukhuk