Monday, October 19, 2009


from left: elly, rahime, me, sacide, saliha, niey, anne and mira.

marvellous.... yummy yummy...

yesterday , i and my friends( mira, deq som, elly and niey) went to sacide's house. sacide is my classmate, my bestfrenz, my crazy frenz (actually both of us are crazy. hehehehehe).she is from turkey. she and her sister ( saliha) study at uia. she take same course and specialized in electronic media same like me. and next sem we are planning to take video production together.

we arrived at sacide's house around 3pm. when we come in to her house... wow!!!!! a lot of foods. her mom (anne) cooked all turkish foods for us and spaghetty cooked by sacide is really delicious. yummy2. i like very much the bread and yogurt and i'm feel want to eat it now. hehehehhe.

sacide's family is very nice. her mom very sporting. saliha also entertain us with her "mouth". hehehehhee. very funny girls. funny lawyer . rahime so sweet ad cute but poor to ameen (sacide's bro), he can't joint us. it is female's day.hehehehe.
after having our lunch ( i did'nt eat anything in the morning, so i'm eat a lot during lunch time), sacide and saliha teach us 'turkish dancing'. its simple but really interesting. i'm also joined them dancing together . hehhehehehe quite shy but atleast am try. kekekkekee

what make me more surprised, when sacide and saliha danced the indian dancing. wow!!! fantastic. both of them are good dancers. i like their step very much. hey girls... thanks for the dancing. thanks for the turkish tea, turkish coffee and anne thanks for the everything that u have prepared for us. u are great mom!!!

sacide, saliha,rahime and 'anne' , thanks again. i'll never forget this experience. this is the best moment and i'm so happy to spend time with all of u . eventhough we are not come from the same race, same country but for me .....we are like family. HAPPY FAMILY!!!

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