Saturday, October 3, 2009

unacceptable rumours....

after having a tired day last nite, i woke up at 12pm today. the 1st thing that i did is checked my pink phone. i've got miss col from adiya at hmmm early morning. my mind start guessing... y did she coll me at 7 am? is there anything wrong happen. i'm took decision to call her and as i guessing before " she's called me coz something important"

'' My dad dead" oh my god. i'm so shocked. my heart bit fast. but later its become normal after adiya said that its rumours. all of this happen becoz of" mak ngah shadah". she's got wrong information.

alhamdulilah...but frankly speaking... i dont like this type of rumours. and this is not the 1st time this type of rumours happen and i hope it will be never happen again. i hate it. May allah bless my dad and give a long live for him. i love him very much. and i know... all people love him too.

and warning for mak ngah shadah..." PLs stop this rumours!!!!!"

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