Sunday, October 11, 2009

convocation day.... i'm tired

congratulation for all the ex- iium students who graduate this year. hmmmm what a happy moment that u have. after 4 years you all struggle in this university... and now the time that u will celebrate it. congratulation again.!!!! my time will b coming... hehehehehehe. inshaallah with 1st class. : )

actually this year i joined etreprenuership club and become comittee members for stabaz (stall n bazaar) 09. and my biro (special task) start busy one month before this ceremony. overall i'm enjoyed with this task but 'quite litle bit tired. ' uhuk uhuk uhuk. kekekekekekekkee

haaaaa.. tonite amy search 'pheewiit' will coming. and i guesss the 'port' around our stage will be crowded. everyone eager to see 'amy search'. what a special thing abut him haaa.???? maybe his voice. whateverlaaaa... i think my voice is better. kekekekekekeke

my previous classmate shamila mat hassan also want to come tonite and siti fordaus hadip already 2 nites sleeps with me at my hostels. so happy to meet them again and frankly speaking i cant "iron out" all the memory at MADI from my mind. what a wonderful school!!!! wonderful teachers and wonderful students!!!!! hahahahhahaa. mis u all guys!

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