Friday, October 16, 2009


The convocation fiesta already comes to the end. Now I’m back to my old life. And start from yesterday, I went to the class, doing assignment, see the lecturer and my classmate. And I’m happy for doing those things.

Last night, I can’t sleep early. I want to study, but I don’t have mood. So I was decided to watch Hindi movie. But I can’t focus. What happened to me? Is that means my centre of cerebellum or cerebrum is damage? Hahahahahhaa. Whatever!

Actually nothing more to say, but I would like to share one story. It’s not a fairytale story but real story about 2 kids. 1 little boy and 1 little girl. Last week, I went to duoprinting shop to settle down about our stabaz’s nametag. And I saw the 2 kids play together. But suddenly the girl became aggressive and started fight with the boy. The boy became angry and pulled her hair. That little girl started to cry and chased the boy. The little boy went away with his sour face and not looked back to the girl. At that time I’m just smile.

Later, at the evening I went to the duoprinting shop again. And what a surprise, I saw the two kids again and both of them are playing together with lot of laugh. And what make me more shocked; the boy helped the girl to comb her hair. If in the morning the boy pull the girl’s hair and now he combs her hair. What a sweet moment. And that time I’m really respect to them. Even though they are fight in the morning, but they become friends in the evening. And for me this is what we called a FRIENDSHIP!!!
It never ends.

And every one of us also can’t avoid from involved in a friendship. Some people say that friendship is like hand and eye. When a hand got injured, the eye will cry. And when the eye cries, the hand will wipe the tear.

And I’m so happy and proud with the friends that I have. Friends since my kindergarten at Pasti al-Hidayah ( najihah, shila, wazir and etc) , my primary school ( erny, hidayah, nazifah, dalila, munirah, elliya n etc) my secondary school ( shah, sham, ct, ita n etc) , all the sri ilmu’s frenzs until iium. And I know from day today my ‘collections’ of friends will increase and I hope all of them will be remain stay with me forever!!!


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