Friday, October 23, 2009

open house again?????

Last weeks, am very busy with the assignment. And because of that, I don’t have time to upgrade my blog. Actually I have many stories to share together. So I compile it in my mind and will publish to all of u now. Hehehehhee.

The day after I went to sacide’s house, we have another open house. My roommate, mira invite us go to her house. She said, her mom want to cook special nasi ayam for us. Hmmmmm yummy2. Even the rice is finished … but we still can taste the chicken. And as u all know... I like chicken very much. Thanks aunty rosnah and uncle zulkafli for the happening open house. Pls invite us again next year. Hehheehhe..

thanks mira ( the girl in black)

before eat... thats why am look serius. HUNGRY!!! hahhahaha

my happy face coz i can eat chicken.. hehehhehehe

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