Thursday, February 25, 2010

time shooting "orphanage when tears go unseen" kat country home rawang.

Monday, February 22, 2010

today (21 feb) is my niece's bday. nurul tasneem. we call her onin. she's already 7 years old this year. last nite i called her and ask her what she want for her birthday? she told me , she will call me later coz she want to think about it first. and after 15 minutes she called me and she said that she want.....
PSP!!!! huhuhuhuhu so sad.... poor auntie. your cik na dont have enough money....hehehehehe.
my sis, kak mem told her that she need to wait until cik na get the job first. besaborla ye sayangku... hehehehhe.

she's really like to smile. like me...

so cuteeeeeeeeeee

CHUBBY!!!! :)

she 's looked matured.... macam anak dara.... mandi di telaga.. lalalalalala~~~~

Thursday, February 18, 2010


Yesterday, I’ve got call from Pontianak…. Eeeeeeeeeeeee scary……… but little bit funny.
Why??? Because the Pontianak that called me is not actually scary but she’s funny. hehehehehhee. Don’t understand aaaaaa????? Hahahhahhaa. Let me explain….
My sis adiya went to Pontianak, Indonesia for holiday. She does celebrate Chinese New Year there maaa.
Mentang2 ada passport. Huhuhuhu. And now, am not be patient to know what souvenir that she bought to me. Hehehehe.

this is the pontianak that i told u before.... scary or funny???? lu pikirlah sendiri. hahahaha

ps: if u all want to see her pics at pontianak, better go to her blog. i sure she will post it soon. if not... thats mean she's lazy. hahahahhaha

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

my handsome boy's birthday

my dum dum cas.... tuuuut tuuuuuuuuttt

noughty boy.....

yesterday (17 feb ) is my handsome boys' birthday. afif hakim. already two years old. hmmmm so fast he's grpwing up. may Allah bless him forever and i hope that he will be as like what her mom want himto be. hehhehehehehe. love u so much my little baby. cik na love afif.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Miss IIUM 2010

Nothing to say.. just look at the pic. hehehehehhe. oh ya... some of my friends at secondary school ask me... what is IIUM? actually IIUM is stand for International Islamic University Malaysia or in malay Universiti Islam Antarabangsa Malaysia(UIAM).

me and miss iium

me between 2 angels of Miss Halimatus Saadiah

she's gorgeous.....

Our principle Dr.Fauziah Fathil put the crown on our miss iium's head

third place... congratulations

voters's choice.... sister syarifah aminah


the combination of yellow and gold synonym with royal family

heehheehehe ...... i dont like her dress

my classmate. she 's got second place. congratz wajihah.....!!!

i believe i can fly ~~~

my classmate at matric , hannisah abd.hamid.

Miss Halimatus Saadiah 2010

Yuhuuuu….. How are u everybody? And how are u my lovely Mr.B? hehhehehehe sorry for long time not update my blog. Actually am not so busy but I don’t have mood to write anything. Reason? I don’t know why. Maybe quiet little bit lazy. Hehehehehehehe.

There are a lot of activities that am did within last December and this January. Hmmmm see… am never wish happy New Year to my self. Hahahhahaha funny. So I would like to take this opportunity to wish HAPPY NEW YEAR to me. What a crazy I am. Whatever!!!!

Oh ya back to the main point. At early January, I went to rembau negeri Sembilan. We have camping activities there for iium icon search program. Wow I like that place. We are having joyful time play at waterfall. We are having BBQ at night. This is very nice program.

I have a lot of picture there but having same problem to update. I’m promise, I will update it later. Ok… what next? Hmmmm my best friends qorie and nuha join the program Miss IIUM competition. But at first they need to compete between the block first. Nuha got the the Ist runner up but qori lose. Its okey baby. Coz last year u are the winner for miss halimatus saadiah.
Lets enjoy the pic…….

Qorie and Her make up artist. sempoi...... ahahahahha

Miss Halimatus Saadiah. simple but beautiful

qorie and nuha

me and qorie

deq som, qorie, nuha and me... (menumpang glemar huhuhuhu)

wow.. i like flower. but its not belong to me

nuha and her suporters. kekekkekeke