Thursday, February 18, 2010


Yesterday, I’ve got call from Pontianak…. Eeeeeeeeeeeee scary……… but little bit funny.
Why??? Because the Pontianak that called me is not actually scary but she’s funny. hehehehehhee. Don’t understand aaaaaa????? Hahahhahhaa. Let me explain….
My sis adiya went to Pontianak, Indonesia for holiday. She does celebrate Chinese New Year there maaa.
Mentang2 ada passport. Huhuhuhu. And now, am not be patient to know what souvenir that she bought to me. Hehehehe.

this is the pontianak that i told u before.... scary or funny???? lu pikirlah sendiri. hahahaha

ps: if u all want to see her pics at pontianak, better go to her blog. i sure she will post it soon. if not... thats mean she's lazy. hahahahhaha

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