Monday, February 22, 2010

today (21 feb) is my niece's bday. nurul tasneem. we call her onin. she's already 7 years old this year. last nite i called her and ask her what she want for her birthday? she told me , she will call me later coz she want to think about it first. and after 15 minutes she called me and she said that she want.....
PSP!!!! huhuhuhuhu so sad.... poor auntie. your cik na dont have enough money....hehehehehe.
my sis, kak mem told her that she need to wait until cik na get the job first. besaborla ye sayangku... hehehehhe.

she's really like to smile. like me...

so cuteeeeeeeeeee

CHUBBY!!!! :)

she 's looked matured.... macam anak dara.... mandi di telaga.. lalalalalala~~~~

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